Step Dance


CELTIC STEP DANCE is a hard shoe form of dance – with origins in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, as well as several different regions of Canada and the United States. It also takes some of its form from American Tap Dance. It is a percussive style – focusing on rhythm, timing and intricate footwork – with the upper body being relaxed and flowing with the rhythm. It is often a choreographed number, since the combination of the styles of dance allows for more stage movement and variety, leading to an enhanced performance.

CAPE BRETON STEP DANCE is a style of percussive dance that is unique to the small island on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Coastline. Dating back centuries ago, it takes part of its form from Scotland and Ireland, having the same basic movements and rhythms – and adds a flair and style completely unique to the Island. This is a style which was held strong through generations of community and familial ties, as well as a genuine strength and bond with the island’s Celtic cultural background. Due to the Island’s isolation, and so few outside influences over the years, this culture has remained strong. It is a truly unique dance form, and is internationally renowned, along with the strong Celtic Culture and musical background of Cape Breton Island. It is a very relaxed dance form, with footwork that is ‘close to the floor’.